::why signing is a big deal::

Friday, you may have seen on Facebook and on Instagram that I signed my first contract ever with Splickety Publishing Group for my flash fiction story, Sons of Victory.

Wearing my Nightwing T-shirt because I'm feeling SUPER fantastic.

(Pauses to squeal like a piglet/fangirl) 

Some of y'all may be thinking, "It's just a short piece of fiction. You've been talking about writing novels for years. So, why the big deal?"

Well, let me tell ya. Life as a creative person feels like a box of puzzle pieces. You don't know how many puzzles there are nor how many pieces to each puzzle. You're not even sure if the box contains all of the puzzle pieces. All you know is you've got a dream and you're determined to see it fulfilled.

There are some days I don't know where to begin. Everything is scattered and not fitting together. There are so many options and decisions. It's overwhelming. Sometimes, I'm paralyzed just at the thought of the enormous size of my dreams and I can't move on.

The dream is too big. It's not for me.

I can't do this.

Then my characters start to surface in my mind and, deep down inside, I know I can't quit on them. My characters are counting on me to give them a voice. They are counting on me to share their story and I can't give up. So what if I don't have a plan and don't know what I'm doing. I can't know everything nor can I control everything. I need to cast aside my fears and enjoy this journey.

The journey of a creative.

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